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Family heirloom photos, paintings and documents; business historical ads and documents all can be digitally  reproduced giving them new life for generations to come. Originals can then be safely stored and preserved. The remastered prints are suitable for display and under appropriate environmental conditions will maintain their colors for decades.

Note the use of "remastered" in place of the commonly used term "restoration." Restoration is what you do to a original photo, document or painting/drawing in order to return it to it's former glory, or at least to improve it's condition. That is not what we do here. We make an image of the photo,  document or painting/drawing in order to create a digital file. Then we work over the digital image of the original in order to correct:

Preserving Family & Business

Photos and Documents

• Correct Sun Damage

• Repair Tears & Cracks

• Reconstruct Missing Areas

• Fading
• Remove Stains
• Shift Colors

Once the image has been "remastered" prints can be made on various materials: photo paper, fine art papers, or canvas.

Review Samples HERE.

Scanning is how we capture an image from a photographic film negative or slide (positive transparency), photo print, document or small painting or drawing.We offer scanning levels to best meet your needs. You can read more about scanning on the  image scanning page. 

Standard: These are basic scans suitable for making typical desktop inkjet prints or for use with online printing services. These scans will have auto "fine-tuning" done by the software. We can do full rehabilitation of the  image or that  work can be left up to you. If we do it we will quote each image. 

• Repair Water Damage

• Colorize for "hand tinted" effects

Pricing falls into two general categories: scanning/capture and adjustment/repair. Prices given here are general guidlines. Each job is different so to ensure you are receiving a fair price we will review your needs with you, explain what we have to do and price it accordingly. That said, our basic pricing is as follows:

LABOR: This primarily constitutes repair work, special needs adjustments for things like  colorizing photos, file adjustments beyond routine, image capture above 11 x 17 requiring studio photography. Labor is billed at $70/hour. NOTE: Most repair work can be  accomplished in 1 hour or less.

SCANNING: Photo and document scanning from paper or film is based on quantity and the amount of post scan processing required, if any. Per piece prices start at $.60/per.


We make adjustments such as tonal range, color correction and balance, contrast, scratch and dust repair, and sizing to your specification for either print or the web. The scanning is charged by the piece, either film or reflective. In quantity, the price per scan can be as low as $.40. Manual adjustments to scanned images are quoted on a per job basis.

Scanning of photos, documents, and small artwork up to 12 x 17 inches is done on flatbed scanners. Larger photos and documents are photographed using a high-resolution digital photography.

Custom: When high quality inkjet or offset printing requires the best possible image quality, custom scanning will be required. As with STANDARD scans, CUSTOM scans can be provided in raw form, you do the adjustments – film or reflective – or we can make adjustments such as tonal range, color correction and balance, contrast, scratch and dust repair, and sizing to your specification. Custom scanning generally is not necessary for web applications but typically is required for high quality printing. We scan film up to 4,000 dpi and reflective up to 2400 dpi. 

We also scan/capture  old daguerreotypes, tintypes and panoramic photos of most any size.

Special Applications: We love a challenge, so if you have a special need that just doesn't seem to fit the levels described above, then let us look at it and discuss possible solutions. The possibilities are endless: hand-tinting B&W photos, converting color photos to black & white, creation of photo collages and more. Just ask!

Now check out our Sample Gallery.

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