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Digital Capture: Scanning & Photography

Digitally capturing documents and artwork serves several purposes: archiving, digital restoration, printing, replication of working documents and more. At IPI, we employ several technologies in order to capture images on different media: paper, original art works, film, photographs, and 3-dimensional objects. 

Our 40" roll-feed scanner and Canon 36" printer for Architectural, Engineering and Construction drawing printing.
Island Printing & Imaging digital photography studio.

Document Scanning

We utilize flatbed scanners  (single and dual sided scanning), and a 40" wide-format roll-feed scanner scanning to file and scan-to-copy.

Film Scanning

We utilize a specialized Nikon 8000 film scanner to do 35mm film strips, 35mm 2x2 mounted slides and 2.25 film formats. UPDATE: Suspended until we decide on a replacement for the Nikon scanner. It died and Nikon did not continue with this technology.

Island Printing & Imaging scans film in many formats up to 6 x 9 cm


We employ high resolution digital photography for fine art painting reproduction and also for documents that are fragile, 3-dimensional objects or about about anything that cannot be scanned due to size and/or thickness. We can handle sizes to 48” x 72”.

SPECIAL APPLICATIONS: We love a challenge, so if you have a special need that just doesn’t seem to fit the levels described above, let us look at it and discuss possible solutions. 

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