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Art Editions

Giclée Pigment Prints For Fine Art & Fine Photography

For the past 19 years, first in California and then Maui, Charlie Osborn has been making high quality fine art reproduction prints and high quality photo prints on a variety of substrates. He added this as a service to Island Printing and Imaging in 2012. Today we serve many customers including highly successful professional artists, local galleries, and emerging artists and photographers.


So what is a Pigment Print? This is another way to say Giclée (say “zhee clay”) print or inkjet print. It’s actually a reference to the inks used, pigment inks, which are archival and long lasting when used on archival canvas and papers.  They are not the same as what you’d find in a typical dye ink desktop printer.

The slideshow below features customer art and photography. If you see anything that interests you as a print let us know we'll put you in contact with the artist or photographer.

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