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Aloha, weʻre now passing 7 months since the fire. Nothing has changed about the demise of our print shop. Recognizing that we are a company with two divisions, General Printing & Copying and Art Reproduction services, what the future holds is a bit different for each division.


General Printing & Copying services, as it stands now, will not come back. It will be too many years before West Maui will be able to provide leaseable space. Relocating to "The Other Side" isnʻt feasible because I live in Napili. For now I have two printers in Wailuku that are supporting my needs. I have all the client digital files we had archived, so those files can be reprinted as needed. I do have the ability to generate new files, but this will be limited to what I can do working remotely. If you have a need let me know what it is and Iʻll let you know if I can do it, or possibly find someone else to do it for you. Just email your questions or requests to


Art Reproduction services are continuing but unfortunately not on Maui. I have relocated to Grass Valley, CA and my partner Darice and I are establishing a new studio there for the Art Reproduction services and her painting studio. We moved on January 10, leased a home in Grass Valley and have been setting up our new studios at 901 La Barr Meadows Rd., Suite C, Grass Valley, CA 95949. Our old shop number 808-661-8849 is now forwarded to my cell, 808-280-6055. You can email or text at anytime or call between 9am - 5pm Pacific Time. Right now weʻre 3 hours ahead of Hawaii time.

If you are an artist that I did work for I have whatever files I created for you. I am now back printing so I can make prints from archived files, print new files you may have or send you the files I have. If you have questions, call or email me using info at

Aloha, A Hui Hou

Charlie Osborn

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